What We Do


We work with organizations to understand and evaluate their present systems for their delivery of services and constructively evolve. Our EVOLVE model takes organizations through a proven sequence of assessing and understanding the current situation, defining desired outcomes, sharing information, gaining support through dialogue, and developing integrative solutions.


Our assessments provide specific suggestions for moving forward to address difficult issues. An assessment explains the roots of conflict, understands the various perspectives through deep listening, validates the issues to be addressed, and determines whether there is a reasonable possibility of designing a process to manage conflict, build understanding and resolve disputes.

Process Design & Facilitation

We work with leaders who want to learn and integrate the wisdom of others through authentic engagement. Team members design and facilitate tailored processes that inform decision making.


  • Facilitating mindful strategic planning
  • Facilitating public input processes for contentious public issues
  • Moderating community advisory groups
  • Supporting community engagement efforts
  • Facilitating stakeholder negotiations
  • Designing conflict response and management systems


Mediation is more formal than facilitation. Mediators are impartial third parties who facilitate conversations or decision-making processes. Mediation Center team members specialize in mediating organizational issues where maintaining relationships and working across worldview differences are important to the participants.


We help individuals become more aware of their own (and others’) biases that their experiences have reinforced, how they interact with power structures, authority, minority perspectives, economic influences, and realities that are foreign to them.


  • Navigating Cultural/Worldview Conflicts: Responding to Bias, Stereotyping and Prejudice
  • Strategic Negotiation & Problem-Solving Skills: Working Through Issues When Working Together
  • Beyond the Handshake – Building Relationships for the Future
  • Mediation Skills

Mediation Center offers basic mobile notary services to businesses and families within the Twin Cities Minnesota Metro Area – by appointment.