COVID-19 response august 2020 update

All winter 2020-2021 classes will be online. 

Upcoming classes are listed below. Please email or call 612-237-6505 with questions.

Training Events and Registration

Mediation Center training can be tailored for organizations or groups. Please call Aimee Gourlay 612-237-6505 for more information.


Upcoming Events

Parenting Time Expediting & Parenting Consulting
February 23 - 26, 2021

Professional Credits:

  • 22 standard & 2 ethics CLE applied for
  • 24 Rule 114 CE credits applied for
  • 27 MN Board MFT approved CE credits

This 4-day training is designed to teach the basics of the Parenting Time Expediting (PTE) and Parenting Consulting (PC) processes, while clarifying the distinctions between PTE and PC services in Minnesota, and highlighting the similarities. The trainers will introduce the standards, protocols and best practices for PTE and PC processes, provide examples of applicable statutes and rules, and discuss the importance of model appointing orders and model fee agreements for both services. The training also includes Rule 114 provisions and ethics (current and proposed), court decisions pertaining to PTE and PC, issues that arise and techniques for addressing them, drafting summaries and decisions, domestic abuse in the context of PTE and PC, and best practices for conducting these often challenging processes.

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30-hour General Civil Mediation Skills
MN Supreme Court Certified Rule 114
March 3 - 6, 2021

The 30-Hour General Civil Mediation Skills training course is certified by the MN State Supreme Court. Participants will be eligible for the MN General Rules of Practice for the District Court’s Qualified Civil Facilitative (Mediation) Roster of Neutrals. CE and CLE credits are available.

Mediation is a flexible and creative process that helps people find mutually acceptable resolutions to their issues and concerns. The mediator is an impartial party who uses the process of mediation to help participants communicate effectively, explore underlying interests and craft constructive outcomes.

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40-hour Family Mediation Skills
March 11 - 13 & 25 - 27, 2021

Family mediation gives people who are divorcing or separated and co-parenting a creative alternative to the family courts for making decisions about their relationship, and how they impact their children’s lives. It is a cooperative and constructive way to resolve differences and plan for the future. Minnesota District Court requires that alternatives to court be considered early in the dissolution process. Certified Family Mediation Skills provides the opportunity to become a qualified family facilitative neutral under The General Rules of Practice for the District Courts Rule 114.

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Custody Evaluation
43 Hours between April 21 and May 1, 2021

Some parents are unable to resolve custody and parenting time disputes, even with the wide availability of ADR processes. A Custody/Parenting Time Evaluation, when done thoroughly and ethically, can help families, attorneys, and courts resolve these issues. This 43-hour training addresses the “how-to’s” as well as the complexities of the evaluation process.

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30-Hour General Mediation Skills Training
MN Supreme Court Certified Rule 114
May 20 - 25, 2021 (Th/Fri/Mon/Tues)

The course is designed for people from all professional backgrounds: managers hone their conflict management skills; lawyers find new ways to help clients solve problems; judges are challenged to expand their approach to resolving lawsuits; human resource professionals gain an invaluable tool. Counselors and therapists, public employees, educators, health care professionals and bartenders have all incorporated mediation skills learned in this training into their jobs.

This experiential course teaches tools and strategies for effective conflict intervention. Participants learn a five-step mediation structure. The stages of the mediation process are demonstrated by use of a video dramatization created especially for this training. It also examines the causes of conflict, cultural issues in mediation and ethical concerns.

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